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"Dusty Cattle" Rugby Shorts

"Dusty Cattle" Rugby Shorts

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This is our first release of our rugby shorts - now open Pre Orders for restock. We hope you love them as much as we do. 

We ask that you please check your sizes to the size chart carefully before purchasing as these are unisex sizing. 

As most of our products are unisex, we don't like to compare to "generic" sizing from other stores - especially as we know these can vary so much for females especially from one brand to another in saying that This size may vary based on your preference on where you wear your shorts either on hips vs waist

Instead, we recommend you grab out one of your favourite fitting pairs of shorts and a measuring tape, lay them on a flat surface, and measure the following:
Waist - from one edge of the waist band to the other

All of our shorts have elastic waist bands, this means that you will typically fit in both a size up, or a size down from your measured size depending on comfort fit and preference. All our shorts have 2x Zipper Pockets one either side. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I liked the design, fast delivery and the packaging of the product it was really well made, good material, however the sizing was off I am usually an 1XL but got a 3XL cause I like my shorts loose however the the 3XL was tight. Otherwise really enjoyed product would order again.


so comfyyy! i absolutely love these shorts. make me feel so comfortable and in love with the design even more now i see them in person. i ordered more as soon as i tried them on bc i love them so much 🔥

5.5 stars baby!

100% 5 star, not only are these comfy but they aren't like normal rugby shorts that rub an rise between you're legs, these are something else. Highly recommend to anyone. I have 2 different pairs an now I need them all, think I have a new obsessing.


Love them, I love the pockets

Grace Smith-pullen
Just buy them, you know you want too

I absolutely love them. I brought them for work on the farm and they are by far the most comfortable shorts ever

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